Estate Planning & Administration

According to a recent survey, 58% of Americans lack a basic will, and nearly 75% do not have a health care proxy or durable power of attorney – which means, in a time of crisis, your family may have to go to court to get a judge to appoint someone to make important decisions on your behalf.

Why do so many of us fail to have an estate plan in place? The reasons are many: we believe our spouse will inherit everything anyway, we are too young to worry about an estate plan, it is too complicated or too expensive, or we don't know with whom to talk about it. Unfortunately, disputes between family members and the expense of going to court are not limited to the very wealthy, and anyone can find themselves incapacitated after an accident and unable to make important decisions for themselves.

An estate plan allows you to choose a trusted person to make decisions when you cannot, may reduce or eliminate estate taxes and time spent in court, and promotes family harmony during a time of crisis. Viewed in the light of problems avoided, the cost of estate planning is very inexpensive. For the average person a simple estate plan provides ample protection without a large outlay of time or money.

Demakis Law Offices, P.C. also has significant experience in the probating and administration of estates, the court supervised process of closing out one's affairs after death. The probate process can be highly technical and bureaucratic, even for the experienced practitioner, and generations of clients have turned to us for guidance and representation. Although an executor or administrator is charged with seeing to the administration or probate of the will, the process is best handled by an experienced attorney.

Since 1942, Demakis Law Offices, P.C., has been helping clients with their estate planning and administration needs. We provide many services at a fixed price, so you know what you are going to pay before you start. Give us a call so we can explain the benefits of a well-drafted estate plan.

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