Lottery Buyouts

Demakis Law Offices, P.C., has experience representing Lottery winners of large prizes, which are paid out over many years, sell some or all of their yearly payments to private companies for a lump sum. The law requires such lottery winners to consult with both an attorney and a certified financial planner, independent of the purchasing company, and to get a court order approving the assignment of the prize. Only those private companies approved by the Lottery Commission are permitted to purchase winnings in Massachusetts.

We are skilled in the process of negotiating Lottery buyouts, and familiar with the court procedure and many of the companies allowed to operate in Massachusetts. Typically, the best deals are made when several companies are involved in the bidding. Our experience with the process allows you to get a competitive price for your winnings in an efficient and economical manner, while protecting you and your valuable winnings from the pitfalls of the process. We can also recommend a financial planner who can help advise you of your best options.

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